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What is the correct way to floss your teeth?

Flossing your teeth is a crucial part of good oral hygiene and preventing gum disease; however, using good technique is just as important. Follow these steps every time you floss for the best results:

  • Begin with about a foot and a half of floss.
  • Wrap one end of the floss (loosely) around each middle finger. You should have about 1 to 2 inches left in the middle to work with.
  • Use your thumbs and forefingers to hold the floss tightly and gently slide it up and down the inner surface of your tooth.
  • The floss should slide smoothly in between your teeth and up into the gum line. Be very careful that you don't snap the floss or try to work too quickly. You could injure your gums.
  • When you switch teeth, unwind the floss a bit so that you are always working with a clean segment.

For more information about good flossing technique or for a hands-on demonstration, please schedule a cleaning with one of our dental hygienists today.

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