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family smilingAt AllDent Dental Center, we are deeply committed to patient education, and we encourage questions about our services and procedures. We are pleased to offer a selection of some common questions about the care we provide. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to ask Dr. Chung or your dental hygienist. 


Price, Permanence, and Comfort for Dental Implants and Dentures

This will depend greatly on a number of factors. Most insurance companies will pay for dentures but may not fully cover dental implants. Dental implants do cost more than dentures, and for some people, this is an important consideration. Dental implants require an oral surgeon to place the titanium post while dentures are completely non-invasive. However, dental implants are a permanent solution that will blend right in with your own natural teeth while dentures and partials are meant to be removed for cleaning and soaking. Dentures will require adjustments to keep them fitting properly as the shape of your mouth changes over time and have been known to slip at the wrong moment. You may also find that dentures will limit the types of foods you can enjoy.

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