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Foods That Can Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

March 13, 2020
Posted By: AllDent Dental Center

Anyone who has researched the process of professional teeth whitening will quickly discover how foods and drinks are the main culprits for staining your teeth. Every time you have a morning coffee to keep you bright and alert, you're slowly applying a dull film over your pearly whites. The same goes for any dark-colored consumable items like tea, red wine, tomato sauce, curries, berries, and more. The rule of thumb is to imagine your teeth as a pristine white tablecloth. The very same items that would stain that tablecloth will also stain your teeth, especially over the years. 

While many patients turn to their cosmetic dentist in Poway for professional teeth whitening to lift debris and stains, we are happy to provide advice on how to utilize your diet to keep your teeth bright and strong. 

Natural Teeth Brighteners That You Can Eat

No other treatment will provide the same results that professional teeth whitening at AllDent Dental Center will, but we can do our best to extend your whitening between treatments. 

  • Strawberries—Consist of a special enzyme called malic acid, which is a natural astringent that removes surface stains and whitens teeth
  • Celery—Boosts saliva production and self-cleans your mouth, it also strengthens your teeth and gums
  • Carrots—Act as a natural exfoliator, and the chewing helps keep your mouth healthy
  • Broccoli—The fibrous nature of this yummy veggie is almost like a natural toothbrush that scrubs away food debris
  • Apples—This delicious fruit is not exactly soft, your teeth have to work hard to bite through it, which helps scrub your teeth

Keep Your Teeth White in Poway

Our teeth whitening is easy, reliable, and minimally invasive. Most patients can come in on their lunch hour and walk away with a noticeably improved smile. Call your local cosmetic dentist, Dr. Tae Chung, to schedule a whitening appointment today. 

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