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3 Ways to Keep Your Whitened Teeth White

January 19, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Tae Chung, DDS
Smiling woman with white teeth | Teeth Whitening in Poway CA | Dr Tae Chung

So you have invested in a whiter smile with professional teeth whitening! You probably love your new look and want to keep it as bright as possible. We have some suggestions for maintaining that sparkle.

1. Avoid Staining Foods and Drinks

Tobacco can stain your teeth quickly, leaving you with a dark smile, but certain foods and drinks can affect the appearance of your teeth, too! Coffee, black tea, red wine, beets, curry, and food dyes can all leave a staining residue that permeates your teeth.

We don’t want you to avoid the foods you love (especially the healthy ones), so brushing afterward can help.

2. Brush and Floss Daily Using Proper Techniques

With the busy lives we lead, it is easy to go on autopilot when performing a regular activity like brushing your teeth. We suggest being mindful during your home dental care, making sure that you clean every surface of your teeth.

Typically, people miss the same spots over and over again. This might lead to gum disease, decay, and a spotty appearance with some teeth looking darker than others.

Don’t forget to use the whole two minutes twice a day when brushing.

3. Maintain Regular Professional Dental Cleanings

Our hygiene team uses precision instruments to remove the tartar that collects on your teeth between visits. This happens to everyone, even if they brush and floss regularly. We complete each dental cleaning with a polish that can remove some of the surface stains on your teeth, leaving them looking whiter.

Right after a teeth cleaning is the best time to whiten your teeth or to touch up your whitening with your custom trays and gel. If you run out of gel, check in with us. We carry it in our office.

Teeth Whitening in Poway CA

If you do not yet have a teeth whitening dentist here in Poway, give us a call! We offer professional, customized whitening systems in our office. By choosing professional teeth whitening, you can achieve the best results and our dentist, Dr. Tae Chung, will monitor treatment, making sure you get the most out of it.

Give us a call to learn more!

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